Jalostusurokset/ Studs

I have two barbet males, who both have been tested by health to be fit for studs and they seem to represent very well the idea of how barbets are both physically and by character.  If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

My e-mail address is: petra.jormalainen(at)gmail.com. I don't want to share my phone number on-line, I will send it via e-mail after the first contact.

 Karva'san Lucidus "Luca"

Titles: C.I.B,  FI CH, EE CH
Sire: Boree Di Barbochos Reiau De Prouvenco
Dam: C.I.B FI CH EE CH Asio De La Cale Des Rouleaux
Breeder: Heidi Syri, Rymättylä Finland
DOB: 9.11.2007
Height: 58 cm
weight: 28 kg
Coat texture & color:  Black, curly, harsh, forms strands when long.
Hips: B/B
Elbows: 0/0
Eyes: Clear 2.3.2010 (Vet. Dr. Per Axelsson),      
mild macroblepharon 19.9.2009 (Vet.Dr. Sari Jalomäki)
knees: 0/0
Thyroid tested in 2008: Tgaa neg
Health: Luca has had 3 times ear infections caused by yeast. Luca's ear canals are very small and hairy. Besides those ear infections he has been very healthy all his life. 
I'd be happy to share more detailed information on health of Luca's relatives upon request.

mejä /AVO1 X 2 /Blood-tracking trials Novice class 1st prize X 2 
SPA1 /passed spaniel aptitude test Aug 2009
SOVE raunio SPeKL/ suitability test for Search and rescue dogs June 2010
Rally-toko/Rally-O: ALO/Novice75/100, ALO/Novice 90/100,  AVO/Open 75/100, AVO/Open 71/100, AVO/Open 85/100

Other sports: agility, obedience (we haven't competed yet)

Character: Luca is character tested both by MH-mental description (at age of 18 months) and by more traditional Finnish character testing for utility dogs (at age of 3,5 years). The results are quite difficult to explain in English, but I'd be happy to do that if someone is interested. Videos and photos of those tests can be found here:

Character test Apr 10th 2011:


MH- mental description May 24th 2009:


Luca is very social towards all people and dogs. He wants no harm to anybody. He loves children. Luca is very independent and he's not that much into sports which require control and focus and fast speed, he is more into using his nose and searching/retrieving for human scent or game. He's very calm but in the same time active and reacts quite fast to anything what is going on. Luca has quite soft character, he remembers bad and scary things happening to him but usually is able to face them with or even without my help. Luca doesn't specially love swimming but retrieves from water when commanded. Luca loves to play tug-a-war.



Laulava Led Zeppelin "Ledi" 

Titles: Winner 2011, Junior Winner 2011
2 CAC's in dog shows
Sire: Barabasz z Gorki Podduchownej
Dam: C.I.B FI CH EE CH Laulava Tiuku
Breeder: Reetta Ahola, Helsinki Finland
Height: 58 cm
Weight: 26 kg
Coat texture & color:  Black, curly, rather soft and silky at age of 1,5 years.

Hips: A/A
Elbows: 1/0
Eyes:  Clear 5.12.2011 (Vet Dr. Per Axelsson)
Knees: 0/0
Back: ok 
Health: Ledi has never been sick yet, despite of very short-lasting and normal seasonal cough and diarrhea.
I'd be happy to share more detailed information on health of Ledi's  relatives upon request.

SPA1 /passed spaniel aptitude test 7.8.2011
Rally-O ALO/Novice 84/100, ALO/Novice 100/100, ALO/Novice 95/100

Other sports: agility, obedience

Character: Ledi must have had a dose of laughing gas at his birth. He is always joyful, and his constantly wagging tail has nowadays become a legend in our family. Ledi just loves working. He is always thrilled when getting a chance to work with me by doing agility, obedience etc. . He accepts people and gets acquianted with strangers, but his own people (me and my boyfriend) are the only people who really matter to him. He loves to cuddle and be close to me at all times. Ledi is not used to children and thinks they are a bit strange.He has a strong will and shows it sometimes, but corrects his behaviour right away when he's told to. Ledi is very greedy for food and treats and therefore (plus his natural high drive to please)  he is very easy to train to do what ever. I have trained him several tricks and most of the time at home he keeps bringing me stuff I've dropped on the floor etc. Ledi loves swimming and retrieving. 

Ledi's MH-mental description will be done in June 2012.

Please note that Ledi is still so young, he will be available as stud only starting from autumn 2012.